##NEW## One of our latest projects – Kingsgate Preserves

We’re very proud of playing a small part in the launch of Kingsgate Preserves range of luxury handcrafted preserves. Kingsgate blend indulgent liquours, exotic spices and fragrant botanicals to create something quite different, modern and unique. Packaging beautifully designed by  http://www.fortytwo.studio has been brought to life by Packaging for Retail and really enhances this superb product. Whether you’re … Continued

8 Traits to Develop Your Resilience

Imagine that you’re standing very close to a roaring fire. You can feel the surge of the flames almost licking your face. It’s so hot you can feel your hair crackle. Do you keep standing there? Heck NO! Why then when we’re stressed do we find it so hard to step back from the heat? … Continued

Interested in The Rise of Craft Chocolate?

Content re-produced by kind permission of the Academy of Chocolate 2018 Academy of Chocolate  Awards   Record number of entries for the prestigious chocolate awards signals major growth in the fine chocolate market A record-breaking 1,200 entries have been judged at the 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards – 400 more than last year, rising from … Continued

Thinking about Packaging for the First Time? Some tips to help you choose……

  https://bit.ly/2GLqO5w Packaging: If you’re thinking about adding value to your great beer product by investing in a packaging solution, where do you start? Packaging and Printing can really help to drive your sales – great for gifts, special occasions or just combining different products for promotions, beer festivals etc. Whatever the reason it’s important … Continued

Financial – and Other Support – for Small Businesses

As a very small – but growing business – we have recently become involved in investigating the available avenues of support to help us to the next stage of our development. I wanted to briefly share our experience to date with others who might find it useful. Since starting the journey several things have struck … Continued

No Space? No Problem!

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. With new innovations in packaging as well as can and bottle size options constantly evolving we are always keen to know what it is they need from us as packaging suppliers. What is it for them that matters most? So, we asked the question. We had a … Continued

Networking for us Little Guys – and Girls: Misery or Magic?

  2001 and newly self-employed as an L & D Freelancer I remember pitching up to a networking event at local hotel and joined the group – mainly men – already there. Standing with the glass of warm wine and cold sausage roll combo, a gentleman approached me, told me all about his business, got … Continued

How Passionate are You Feeling Today?

At a party recently I was talking to a friend and sharing my anxieties how the world is shaping up around us. All the usual suspects were there: American / Chinese relations. Will Trump take military action in Nth Korea? Terrorism. Immigration Crises – why is it now seemingly impossible for more and more people … Continued

Bottle Carriers Details

We have developed a unique range of Transit Packs and a new Bottle Carrier. The Transit Packs are aimed at the smaller micro-breweries, craft beer bottle shops and craft beer and cider producers who operate in the mail order market. Both these solutions have been designed in response to customer needs and are available with … Continued

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