How Branded Packaging Will Increase Revenue Opportunities Over And Above Non-Branded Packaging

The branding of your packaging is more than simply putting your logo on a box – used strategically it can significantly increase your opportunities to market, generating revenue and in time helping you turn your database of occasional customers into raging fans who will purchase from you again and again. This repeat business will help improve your overall return on investment.

Studies show that consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%.  And even more interestingly, although online brands may get 3-5% of their organic search traffic from branded enquiries, many ‘offline’ brands may get closer to 60% – and your offline brand presentation is at its most tangible with your branded packaging.

First and foremost, brand packaging is the emotional connection your customer has with your product. Holding it in their hands, the tactile and visual experience of your product will colour their first impressions. No matter how good a quality your product is, if the branded packaging feels cheap and poorly thought it, it will not have the lasting impression you need for continued repeat business.

Make sure your packaging reflects your brand identity and is consistent with your overall brand values. If you are high-end, expensive and luxurious, make sure that is reflected in your packaging. If you reflect eco-friendly sustainability as part of your overall brand personality, make sure that is clearly demonstrated in the identity of your chosen packaging.

When it comes to encouraging repeat orders from new and existing customers, the importance of packaging is a key strategy.

Consider, for example, the sale of alcohol products over holidays and bank holidays. From Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day the UK consumes over 5.7 billion units of alcohol. With the online ordering of drink so easy and quick, you can capitalise on this spurt in demand by creating a range of Christmas ‘hamper’ solutions aimed not just at general consumption during the holidays, but also as gift ideas for consumption during other times. Creating a unique range of Christmas-themed brand packaging gift boxes that reflect your values, and can be delivered direct to your customers’ doors, will take the pressure off them and earn you brownie points when they next decide to order alcohol online.

This strategy can be repeated throughout the year. All you need is a schedule of all the various holidays to make sure you never miss an occasion – Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day, Pride, Halloween, Easter… and many more. Select the occasions which, for your product and brand, are the most congruent and Packaging for Retail can work to create a range of packaging that will best reflect your brand.

We have a wide range of packaging solutions that can be branded for shipping of products in different sizes and quantities – from a single unit gift box to double-lined wine cases for up to six bottles.

As well as creating bespoke solutions for you, we can also offer non-branded packaging should your customers wish to customise their purchases to their own specifications.