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Packaging For Retail Ltd supplies 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard cider packaging for artisan and independent creators. All of our cider box solutions are made from a high percentage of recycled materials, providing a sustainable packaging option that looks good and performs better. We can print your branding onto your packaging for you, but if you don’t yet have your artwork confirmed, we also provide plain unbranded solutions.

You can choose from a number of packaging sizes to accommodate both bottles and cans. We supply options for single bottles, twin packs, three, four and six packs. We also offer gift boxes that suit two cans or bottles and a personalised glass – perfect for special occasions such as Father’s Day and Christmas.

There are several styles of cider boxes to choose from, including our popular gift box solutions. We also supply carriers with a handle, as well as carry-out packs.

All our cider box solutions are made from the highest quality cardboard. The internal fluting is sandwiched between two liners, increasing the durability and structural integrity of the packaging. It also provides an additional layer of cushioning, ensuring the cider contained within the box is secure and safe.

To order cider packaging from Packaging For Retail Ltd, choose the solution that suits your product the best. Our boxes are crafted to hold a number of bottles and cans based on weight, so ensure you know how many millilitres each of your cans/bottles holds in order to choose the correct solution.

If you would like a printed solution, or if you would like to know more about our cider boxes and what solution could be best for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best option for your needs.