Beer Bottle Gift Packs and Carriers

Packaging For Retail Ltd provides a varied selection of gift packs and cardboard bottle carriers across the UK for any occasion. We’re here to ensure that your artisan beer gifts always look presentable with our array of gift packaging solutions.

Single Packs

Sometimes, one bottle is enough, especially for small business who craft their own beer and who are experimenting with products. If this is you, why not opt for a single pack beer bottle carrier? It beats your standard bottle bag because it isn’t made using any environmentally harmful plastics. Additionally, it’s a more unique solution which conveys greater care and branding opportunity – something which can be essential in getting your brand noticed on the shelf. What’s more, packaging your beer in a box makes it look and feel more luxurious – perfect for those looking to gift a drink to someone special.

Double Packs

We’ve crafted our double beer gift packs to accommodate a pair of 500ml bottles. Each of our double packs is a plain packaging solution, giving you the freedom to decorate and embellish them in any way you please through your branding.

Triple Packs

Three is the magic number, and our triple packs are the magic gift packaging solution. Not only do we have gift packs to accommodate three bottles of your artisan tipple, but we also have solutions that carry two bottles alongside a glass. Therefore, once the beer has been drunk and enjoyed, the recipient is left with a keepsake in the form of a glass.

Four Packs

Whether you’re looking for a simple carrier or a lovely gift box for your beer, you’ll find what you’re after in our range of four packs. Not only is each solution incredibly convenient, but they make for a neat gift presentation. Once again, each of the four packs is plain, allowing for easy branding and personalisation.

Six Packs

Browse through our six packs to see which suits your artisan beer the best. Though it’s true that three is the magic number, six is double the fun, so be sure to shop our six packs.

Twelve Packs

You can make the twelve days of Christmas happen at any time of the year with the help of our beer advent box. This presents you with twelve windows that you can hide a beer behind for your customers to discover and enjoy. With our help, the jolly merriment never has to end!

Bottle Carriers

An alternative to the traditional gift boxes are our bottle carriers. Available in 4 and 6 beer bottle and can packs. Made from 100% recyclable materials and with ample branding opportunity, you’re sure to find the right solution for your beers in our carrier range.

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