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When supplying gifts, presentation is hugely important, which is where our packaging comes in. It’s not simply about what’s inside the box, as the outside is equally important when it comes to enticing consumers to purchase your product. Similarly, sauces, glasses, and bottles are all awkwardly shaped, meaning that they can be difficult to wrap. Therefore, providing your consumer with stylish packaging means they don’t have to concern themselves with complicated wrapping.

Packaging for Sauces

Here at Packaging For Retail, we supply an array of packaging for oils, vinegars, preserves, and sauces alike. Each of these packaging solutions comes with a sleek window design so that your product is on show, even when it’s still in the box. You can choose between our chic black solutions or classic plain boxes depending on the vibe you’re after. When it comes to our plain packaging, you can even contact us regarding getting your logo printed on the box. We’re here to help with bespoke and generalised packaging alike.

Glass Boxes

Drinking glasses, whether personalised or not, are some of the best gifts out there. Many of your consumers will have a drink that they associate with a loved one, meaning they’ll likely be on the hunt for a specific glass at some point. However, as we all know, glass is very fragile and needs to be packaged correctly for posting. Our glass boxes allow room for plenty of bubble wrap so you can be sure your glass products make it to your customers in one piece. Like our sauce packaging, we can add your company label for that personalised touch.

Gin Bottle Gift Box

Gin is currently all the rage which is why we offer a single 70cl gin bottle gift box. Once again, this provides you with enough room to cushion out the surroundings so that your bottles don’t incur damage during transit. Similarly, your logo can also be printed onto this packaging solution.

Gift Pouches

If your company provides the likes of confectionery, chocolates, cosmetics, and soaps, we have the ideal packaging for you. You can ensure that your products are nicely wrapped with the help of our gift pouches. Much like our other packaging solutions, these can be printed with your company logo, too.

Postal Box

If your product fits through a letterbox, then why not play into this convenience with our DBPP Postal Pack? You can guarantee the safe arrival of your product to your recipient since it simply slots through a letterbox.

Contact Us for Bespoke Packaging

If you’re interested in having your logo printed onto your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will happily walk you through your available options, as well as offer bespoke solutions. Order today.