Wholesale Custom Labels

Maximise your pack graphics with labels

We offer a full range of retail labels to complete your pack design. We operate to BRC/IOP Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials and offer advice from label and sticker design to printing and application on the filling line, ensuring that the vision you have for your packaged product is fully realised.

Labels and finishes
  • “No Label” look These labels are on transparent film giving better view of your product. Great for bottles!
  • Tactile finishes and surface texture A raised surface printing and textures on your custom stickers is good for adding value and function to your product, as in using braille or raised warning triangles for the visually impaired.
  • Embossed labels Raised surface texturing can also be added to your label by using an embossing die.
  • Foil labels Give your product a prestige image with the brightness and mirror finish of metallic decoration.
  • Metallic Inks If you are looking for a cost effective way of getting a reflective look to your label, metallic inks offer more decorative choices.
  • Laminated labels Give your label both shine and durability with film laminated labels.
  • Scratch Off labels Create foil or ink scratch-off panels on your labels for interactive promotions.
  • Tube Labelling Buy these high quality labels to adhere securely to your flexible tubes.
  • Peel & Read labels Peel & Read labels are ideal for applications where part of the label is removed and applied elsewhere.
  • Multi-layer Peel & Apply Multi-layer Peel & Read labels can consist of several pages.
  • Security Labels Use security labels as a visible indicator that a product has been tampered with.
  • Hologram Stickers More sophisticated security features can be added to labels such as holograms stickers which can be used for anti-counterfeiting.
Call us to discuss which labels make the best of your product and packaging