What Packaging Says About Your Brand

The importance of packaging in branding can’t be underestimated, as a product’s packaging will set the tone for a consumer’s perception of what’s inside. When forming a brand identity, packaging should be your first port of call; if your customer can’t get on board with your branded packaging boxes, they simply won’t care for its contents.

In a market that’s so populated by such a smorgasbord of products, it can feel almost impossible to make an impact. Despite this, the presentation of your brand is immeasurably important to your customer and can play a huge role in them selecting your brand over one of your competitors. Getting your brand’s message across via your packaging is unequivocally vital, but what exactly does your product packaging say about your brand?

It Tells Your Story

First things first, your packaging evokes an emotional response in your consumer, and this is one of the most powerful sales tools. With this being said, it’s important that you don’t bombard your customer with so much information on the packaging that they either become overwhelmed or simply don’t bother reading it. The key is to find the perfect balance of text to capture your customer’s attention, without them with copious amounts of text. If you need help when creating your bespoke packaging, we’re able to offer our expertise and help you gauge the appropriate amount of text for your packaging.

It Captures Your Principles

It’s not solely a brand’s journey that captures the attention of customers, but also shared values. In this day and age, environmental consciousness sits at the forefront of priorities for millions of consumers across the globe. Here at Packaging For Retail, our packaging boxes are made exclusively from cardboard, meaning that each of our solutions can be easily recycled. On top of this, by sourcing your packaging from an independent business such as ourselves, you can be sure that you’re not supporting the likes of big corporations that cause damage to the environment and our society.

It Displays Your Trust in Your Product

Transparency is imperative when it comes to customer interactions, and clear-cut packaging will inform consumers of exactly what they’re getting. Untrustworthy brands may mask the quality or size of their product using misleading packaging, resulting in a disgruntled customer upon the box being opened. If the size of your packaging is reflective of what’s inside, this conveys that you have enough trust in your product to allow the customer to see the exact contents of the package. We supply a wide variety of packaging solutions, from dainty wine and spirit bottle packaging to large transit packs. Therefore, you’re able to select the packaging solution that most appropriately suits your product.

It Reflects How You Value Your Product

It can be tempting to simply buy the cheapest packaging solution you can find; however, this conveys the completely wrong message for your brand. If your customer encounters poor quality packaging, they will already have the preconceived idea that your product is of this same quality. After all, if you didn’t care for the first impression of the packaging, then why would you care for the quality of the product inside? Fortunately, Packaging For Retail doesn’t skimp on quality when it comes to producing your brand packaging. You can rest assured that your packaging will reflect the value of the product inside.

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