Takeaway Boxes

Food Packaging

We understand that getting the right carton for the job is a big part of your marketing mix, which is why food chains such as McDonalds put a premium on getting their packaging just right. Whether your takeaway product is thai, chinese, indian, pizzas, burgers or sandwiches, our custom container will reinforce your sale and inspire repeat purchases by ensuring the food arrives at the customers home in good condition.

We can advise you on the functionality and materials for your food product. We deal with a number of wholesale suppliers who are Grade A BRC and certified as producing with clean technology to UK standards.

Eco-friendly food packaging
  • Our Eco-Range of bespoke boxes are designed to be leak proof with our unique webbed corner design preventing spillage from the containers. The Eco-Boxes also keep food warmer for longer.
  • Your choice of packaging enhances your product and business, sending your customers a message of quality and care. The Eco-Box presents your food in a professional way and is a reflection of you and your business.
  • All our packaging is 100% Bio-degradable with Bio-degradable inks and our new Eco-Range of take away cardboard boxes are 100% Recyclable for the environmentally conscious. The Eco-Box enables you to charge more for your product as you add to the perceived and actual value by packaging your food well.

Give us a call with your requirements for a sample of your new takeaway box!