Meet our expert packaging designer.

Meet David Bell: With his wife Bernadette, David started Packaging for Retail Ltd in 2013. 

However, that’s not the real starting point. It actually began over 50 years ago when David completed his City and Guilds in Carton Design. Since then, he has been involved in the world of printing and packaging almost continuously. 

The world of technology has moved on significantly, of course – but David still uses the skills he learned back then. 

Every box we make is first hand-drawn by him, using the exact dimensions of the customer’s product. He then briefs the sample-maker to create from this design. He knows instinctively what will work, what type of board will be best suited to the product, how to cut and crease it for easy construction. 

Due to his encyclopedic knowledge of his craft, David can solve design problems encountered by the CAD system. He can spot flaws in a piece of artwork in a heartbeat. 

We use only corrugated board – without plastic components, and produce in lower numbers for many food and drink artisan producers. 

It is this degree of attention to detail and hands-on approach that sets Packaging for Retail apart. 

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