Wholesale Custom Labels Facts

Printed Labels Facts:
  • BRC/IOP Global Standards cover labels and packaging. PFR can advise on
  • Labels with tactile finishes and surface textures are both attractive to the general
    public and useful for communicating with the visually impaired
  • Security labels add value to your product by giving a visible indicator that your
    product has not been tampered with
  • Hologram stickers offers both an anti-counterfeiting device and extra shelf impact
  • Reflective surfaces on your label can be achieved by both foil and metallic inks. PFR
    can advise on relative merits and price
  • Peel and apply labels can be used for a number of applications including
    redemption promotions, proof of puchase and collectables
  • Multi-layer Peel and read labels can consist of a number of pages and are useful for
    user instructions, recipes, multi-languages, advertising content or competitions