Transit Pack Details

Transit Packs and Bottle Carrier.
We have developed a unique range of Transit Packs and a new Bottle Carrier. The Transit Packs are aimed at the smaller micro-breweries, craft beer bottle shops and craft beer and cider producers who operate in the mail order market. Both these solutions have been designed in response to customer needs and are available with a low MOQ.

Hybrid Transit Pack design is a complete unit which includes all the necessary fitments to secure the bottles. We have a bespoke 12 x 330ml Transit Pack, and a bespoke 12 x 500ml Transit Pack. The 500ml Hybrid Transit Pack is unique in that it holds a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of 500ml bottles securely, including the Tall 500ml (H:270mm), without the need for additional packing. All the Transit Packs come already printed with ‘Fragile’ and ‘Right Way UP’ arrows which has been proven to help with safe delivery.

Our customers specifically asked for a packaging solution to solve the problem of multi-size/shape 500ml bottles – and they really like it!

A new 24 x 500ml Hybrid Transit Pack is under development.
Standard Transit Pack has dividers and comes in two sizes: 330ml and 500ml. The Standard Transit Pack doesn’t take the Tall 500ml (H:270mm) bottle.

The Hybrid Transit Packs will hold a mix of 330ml & 500ml assorted size and shape.

Standard Transit Packs can be ordered to suit either 330ml or 500ml bottles.

12 x 330ml Transit Pack: 30
12 x 500ml/multi-size bottle Transit Pack: 25
Standard Transit Pack: 100
Bottle Carrier: 80
** Bespoke print or branding will require a MOQ of 1000 units.

Shipping of units will be charged at cost.