Spellbinding Beer for Halloween.

The Potions Cauldron. Spellbound, Butterscotch Beer.

A spellbinding beer, for Wizards this Halloween.

Spellbinding Beer for Halloween, packaging created by Packaging for Retail, UK.Spellbinding Beer for Halloween, packaging created by Packaging for Retail, UK.

Since the 14th-century potion makers have resided at 9¾ Shambles York, brewing and selling potions and elixirs to the people of the city…some medicinal, and some magical.

About halfway down Shambles, you will notice the steam coming out of number 9¾ as the potion makers of the World’s most magical drinks emporium The Potions Cauldron are busy brewing elixir’s to enchant visitors, and keeping the history of magic on Shambles alive!

“The carriers Dave dropped off look amazing! We’re really pleased’ Ben Fry, Chief Enchantment Officer, The Potions Cauldron.”

The Potions Cauldron


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