Is your packaging your ‘Silent Salesperson?’

Many of our smaller customers in particular put printed packaging on the bottom of their list of priorities. Perceived cost is often the stumbling point – however it’s the one differentiating factor that can separate you from the herd.

‘70% of all purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Because consumers are often confronted with an enormous number of products to choose from, they require product information to assist them in the purchasing process. Corrugated board packaging can provide this support because it is ideal for high-quality, eye-catching, multi-coloured printing.

Corrugated is the ‘silent salesperson’; it is designed to increase the value of your product. Its use of striking colours and shapes can attract and keep buyers’ attention long enough for them to make the best purchase decision’. Source:

Great packaging adds value. Do you use corrugated packaging? It’s strong, lightweight, cost effective and highly printable.

Is your packaging working as hard for you as it could? Is it your ‘silent salesperson?’