Make someone happy this Christmas.

CHRISTMAS BOTTLE ADVENT BOX by Packaging for Retail, UK.

This 12 Days of Christmas Can/Bottle Advent Box; it’s the perfect gift. The box is made from fluted corrugated board with internal double-walled dividers. Suitable for bottles and cans. It can also come with an outer box for secure shipping.

Strong and sturdy, fill it with your favourite beers or non-alcoholic drinks.

12 X 500 & 330ML Bottles – £3.95 per unit, minimum quantities apply.

Order online at:

Or contact us directly to find out more.

About Packaging for Retail:

Great packaging adds value to your products – we’re passionate about packaging.

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Price Increases

David and I are very sorry to have to finally give in. Given current conditions in the industry we’ve had to increase our prices with immediate effect.

Over recent months our sector has been hit with multiple and significant price increases in our raw materials. We’ve had at least three price increases of between 7% & 8% each time. Furthermore, suppliers are planning to increase the cost of corrugated board even further. This is due to an acute shortage of paper and board, with paper mills struggling to keep pace with demand and the upsurge in online trading during the lock-down.

The situation has been widely reported on and does not seem set to improve significantly any time soon.

By planning ahead and making arrangements with our suppliers we have managed to mitigate the impact on availability and lead-times, and have pretty much traded as usual, with only slight delays in most cases.

Until now we have held our prices and tried to absorb the impact. Unfortunately, this cannot continue.

We thank you for your understanding and for your very valued business.

David and Bernadette